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Welcome to ComSave.  We promote the best values in Telecom & Internet Services, along with a great selection of Internet shopping, including rebate programs, free stuff and great rebate programs. 

You can browse through this website and see all that we have to offer in the 3 main sections. To learn more click on the appropriate link.
If you like to order any services, take advantage of our retail program, or receive detailed quotes, then go to the new sign-up section on the left-hand side New Customer 

(1) Business Telecom & Internet services  Business customers can obtain multiple competive quotes from many providers with one single request.

(2) Personal Telecom  services  Personal customers can compare various prices and rates for services such as USA domestic long distance, low international rates to most countries, Mobile phone plans, Prepaid calling services, VoIP (Voice over internet Protocol) services.

(3) Online Mall This section contains information on the best values for online shopping from our partners, including rebate programs, free offers, for most products and services.